How You Can Pick A Great Engagement Ring And Get The Best Price Too

If you’ve finally made the decision to take the giant leap and ask your girlfriend to marry you, then there are a lot of things you need to consider now. Of course, you’ll be wanting to spend more evenings at home with your girl, and fewer out with the guys, plus, you’ll also be looking at buying an engagement ring. Buying a ring can be fraught with unforeseen pitfalls that you should attempt to avoid at all cost. Tread softly until you know all of the facts, history of the family, and what styles your future wife is dreaming for.

In Some Families, The Engagement Rings Are Passed Down

Although you may have in mind buying the best engagement ring on earth, your girlfriend may be obligated to wearing a memento from her family, usually a grandma. You’ll have to oblige them if that’s what they prefer, it should be something that your girlfriend is comfortable with too.If she sounds like she’s being pressured to do something that she’d rather not, then look for the middle ground solution to make both sides happy.

You could take the grandmother’s antique ring and change the setting to one that is more modern, or at least one that your fiance will be happy wearing and showing. Many older diamonds can be worth quite a bit of money since they were purchased long ago before inflation. Gold is also way up from just a few decades ago, you might be surprised at the value of the ring.

A good compromise may be to explain that the older setting is fragile and needs to be strengthened, but that the diamond and rubies could be used in a new ring instead to continue the tradition for another 100 years. That will sometimes be plenty to get you started. After all, what’s important is your love for each other and nothing else really matters.

Once You’ve Found Out What Her Preferences Are You Have A Base To Work From

There are several ways to proceed once you know what your girlfriend really likes. Maybe rubies, sapphires or other stones surrounding an oval diamond is her dream, then start your search at the mall. There you’ll most likely find lots of diamond engagement rings for very high premium prices. But you can window shop, try some on, see how they look, but most important, get an education on diamonds.


Knowing what you’re buying and why can be the key to getting just what you want at an affordable price. You’ll get schooled on colors, shapes, sizes, clarity, and cuts of diamonds. How much they’re worth, retail, and why certain stones are in high demand. This is invaluable training that you’ll need to remember and then retell, many times over after you make your decision, to everyone that will listen.

Once You Have In Your Mind All The Details, Check Online

Obviously, buying an engagement ring at the local mall is one of the most expensive places there is. But they do provide a very valuable service in showing people just what they like and explaining all the finer details about the stones, rings, and everything else. Now that you know almost all there is to know, start looking and comparing online.

sparkling_diamond_ring_with_brilliance_and_fireYou’ll find that nearly anything you could possibly imagine is also available online, all the colors, styles, shapes, clarities, and karats are all there. The color of a diamond is particularly tricky and you should pick the best color according to the ring metal you are using! You can go through thousands of images and find just the right diamond and setting that you want, exactly like you found at the mall. The difference will be the price is much lower online than in the jewelry store, sometimes less than half or more.

Now, you have a couple of options that you can do after you’ve picked a great engagement ring, but now want a great price to match. Take several of the images from the online stores, with all of the details included, back into the mall outlets to see if they’ll match the price. Some will, some won’t, many will try to talk you out of buying online, some will offer you a better price than before, but you’ve got leverage.

You might want to head back online and do some more research several times to get the best engagement ring at the most rock-bottom price. There is a lot of markup involved, about 300% at the retail level, so they aren’t going to be hurt too much.

Before you purchase anything online, make sure you read all of the customer reviews you can find on other review sites you trust. Go with a reputable online seller with a good history and lots of happy customers. Or, you can always buy at the mall when they match the price, that way you’ll have a local company to rely on for cleaning and repairs down the line.

This post was written in cooperation with – Diamond Color. Also make sure to get as much education about diamonds as you possibly can! It is well worth the pain of reading hours upon hours educating yourself on diamonds because it will most likely save you hundreds if not even thousands of dollars!

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Diamond Jewelry– A Purchase For A Lifetime

Buying diamond jewelry as a present or for oneself is an excellent choice. Diamonds especially come into play when people want to buy a great engagement ring. As diamonds are the most expensive gemstones on the entire market you will have to consider quite a few things before actually making a purchase.

It should also fit your budget. This actually goes without saying but still a lot of people actually struggle with this one. Therefore, the budget is the most important parameter when you are buying diamond jewelry. Knowing and learning more about diamonds will help you make the smartest buying decision possible. This is exactly what we are here for! In cooperation with the International Colored Gemstone Association we have decided to talk about the most important issues with you!

Here are some tips that are going to help you in purchasing the best Diamond Jewelry for you.

Some Very Useful Tips For Buying Diamond Jewelry

Learn Everything About The 4cs: The diamond 4cs is the language that is used to describe all attributes of a diamond. Traders use the diamond 4Cs to talk about the overall quality of the diamond. Therefore, it is necessary that you go out and actively seek out all the information you can about the diamond 4Cs. This will enable you to be come a diamond cut expert that knows how to make a really smart buying decision!


The Weight: The weight of the diamond is measured in carat. You should understand some insider secrets about the carat weight of a diamond before you actually go ahead and make a purchase.

The Clarity Of The Diamond: The diamond is a gem that is manufactured by nature under huge heat and pressure. Many of them may contain some inclusions like coal particles etc. They may be internal or external. This may be inclusions or blemishes. The price of the diamond therefore varies according to the amount of inclusions. The clarity scale is starting from flawless and actually continues to diamond with flaws!

Colors Of The Diamonds: Diamonds are colorless in a natural way. Colorless diamonds are very rare and highly valued. A scale rates the colors with letters ranging from D to Z. The color differences may not be visible to a layperson. It is only visible to an experienced eye. However, the difference in color may bring some differences in prices as well.

The Cut Scale:  The cut quality can can vary hugely from one stone to the the next one. This is very important to understand because the cut of a diamond actually has the largest impact on its sparkle and beauty. The shapes in which the diamonds are cut gives rise to the complex angles and proportions to light reflection. The price usually varies the better cut a diamond possesses.

The Jeweler You Choose Must Be A Concern:  It is most important for you that you choose a well-reputed and trained jeweler for your purchase. A well-trained jeweler would help you with a better understanding of the jewelry. An experienced jeweler would understand you better and would know about your choice after a brief interaction. If you shop frequently, you would know the importance of purchasing things from a well-reputed shop.

Secure You Purchase/Diamond: Your diamond Jewelry that you have purchased is very precious to you. Therefore, you must be aware of its authenticity. For this reason, you must request your jeweler to provide you with the report number of your diamond. This would help you to find it out if ever you lose it. The report number is carved on the girdle of the diamond in laser inscription. The Independent Jewelers Association or the Retail Jewelers Association might help you with any questions you might have!

Always Purchase A Loose Diamond:
Purchasing a diamond may not always ensure that you would want it to fit in your jewelry. Therefore, it is also good to buy a loose diamond and then fit it to your choice of jewelry according to the person whom you are buying it for. Make sure to educate yourself on the diamond 4Cs and read some reviews of This is the only way you can make sure not to get taken advantage of when buying a diamond. There are many new diamond startups and shops opening, so alwaye keep an eye out on that!

These were the tips you must follow while you go for buying a diamond as once you purchase it, it becomes a lifetime asset for you.

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